ISAAC GLASS started its business in 1974, specialising in the field of craftsmanship of glass and crystal. The company produces classical chandelier parts, but also create modern and technical ones. The vast choice of moulds for our components have been the company’s strength since the beginning and were developed in  collaboration with famous Italian designers while promoting of  the “Made in Italy” concept.
The company’s flexibility in means of production allows the possibility to modify items for personal specifications. Efficient organisation and punctuality of delivery that caters to both small and large companies characterise Isaac Glass. The company offers a massive variety of products that differ in shape and material.  Glass, crystal and borosilicate are the key elements, and they are manufactured in different ways in order to guarantee a wide choice of products as well as a wide choice of various  sizes.


Germano Caluzzi – Company Owner

Silvia Albertini – Architect and Designer

Elena Biondani – Purchases and Sales Department

Giorgia Caluzzi – Sales Department

Antonella Soriolo – Accounting Department

Erica Micheletto – Production Department


The company offers the possibility to create special and customised items, giving specific indications on the implementation, the equipment and consequent process, in order to guarantee the right product. Our policy is to give an answer to every request. We work on clients’ projects, supporting step by steps clients’ demands. We guarantee different sort of solutions: from simple design to prototyping articles, including complicated industrial productions.
Isaac Glass combines technological innovation and handcraftsmanship. Values such as craftmanship tradition and culture for design are the basis of Isaac Glass’ forty years experience in producing lighting components.
Isaac Glass focuses on the precision and care for every detail, in order to create high quality and resistant products. The experience gained in this sector is crucial for the achievement of certain performance targets.
The versatility of the production operation can satisfy both small and large enterprises. ISAAC GLASS always shows good organisation and punctual deliveries of large quantities of goods.


ISAAC GLASS offers a variety of products with different materials and shapes. Glass, crystal and borosilicate are the constants elements of the company’s creations, and they are processed in different ways to ensure a wide range of products. From coloration to sandblasting, from pressing to blowing, Isaac Glass maintains an attention to details and controls every step of processing, by relying on technological innovation of specific machines. The company’s products have different styles and different shapes  in order to ensure to many customers original and authentic components.